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Internal Hanging Pouch for Backpacks - Pantac

From RedWolf Airsoft:

Made from 1000D Cordura, using YKK Zippers; The Internal Hanging Pouch will keep your personal effects safe and sound. Never again scrounge through your bag to find that one missing piece of item/phone. Featuring 2 compartments, the main compartment at H180mm x W170mm closed off with a YKK zipper, the smaller compartment located on top of the main pouch features 3 smaller pouches, at H140mm x W170mm, H130mm x W120mm, and a small H130mm x W30mm pocket respectfully.

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Coyote Brown [OT-C510-CB-A]  $17.99CAD  Quantity :
Olive Drab [OT-C510-OD-A]  $17.99CAD  Quantity :
Khaki [OT-C510-TN-A]  $17.99CAD 

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