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SVS Soft Armor Cover - Pantac

From RedWolf Airsoft:

A very sturdy SVS Personal Body Armor vest for Phantom. Comes with dummy soft plate inside which can be easily replaced with Toy Soldier Replica Armor Plate (Not included) inside for maximun protection. Velcro patch up front allows you to affix your favorite patch like LAPD, SWAT, POLICE, Flag and more. Fully size adjustable along the shoulder and waist. Suitable for at most 5'11" frames.

This Pantac vest is of the highest quality and is made to military-spec. The lining on the inside of the vest is made from Nylon, making it stronger and more durable than the cotton lining seen on other well-known brand vests.

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Black [BA-T018-BK-M]  $71.99CAD 

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Khaki [BA-T018-TN-M]  $71.99CAD 

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