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Molle Plate Carrier With Pouch Set - Pantac

From RedWolf Airsoft:

This plate carrier is able to accept plates in both front and back, with padded shoulder straps, resulting very comfortable wearing and good body protection together. A great variety of pouches can be added on thanks to the Molle system covering the entire vest surface. Size fully adjustable. Made of INVISTA CORDURA. Fully adjustable.

Small recommended for height up to 5'10", medium above that.

Vest included:
M16 magazine pouches x 5pcs
Accessory pouch x 1 pcs
Dual pistol pouch x 1pcs
Administration Pouch x 1 pcs

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Medium - Olive Drab [VT-C600-OD-M]  $267.99CAD  Quantity :
Small - Olive Drab [VT-C600-OD-S]  $249.99CAD  Quantity :
Medium - Ranger Green [VT-C600-RG-M]  $267.99CAD  Quantity :
Small - Ranger Green [VT-C600-RG-S]  $249.99CAD  Quantity :
Medium - Khaki [VT-C600-TN-M]  $267.99CAD  Quantity :
Small - Khaki [VT-C600-TN-S]  $249.99CAD  Quantity :
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