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ASCMart Information


Q.  Where is your shop located?

A.  The shop is in a secret bunker staffed with gnomes.  The gnomes have forbidden us from giving their location away as they dislike visitors and we do not pay them enough to entertain guests.


Q.  I see (store outside Canada) has the same product cheaper.  Will you price match?

A.  While we strive to have the best price available there are some factors that affect our pricing such as rate of exchange, duties and shipping.   After you factor in the cost of shipping, duties and the rate of exchange that foreign store's prices may not be so attractive.


Q. I need my stuff for a game tonight/tomorrow/this weekend. Can I pick up my order instead of waiting for it to be shipped?

A.  Our deal with the gnomes is that there will be no visitors, so we cannot offer local pick up.  Besides, how would you find the secret bunker? If we told you where it was it would not be a secret anymore.


Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A. We currently take PayPal and Interac EMT.


Q. Do you charge extra for the PayPal fees?

A. No, but if you pay with EMT we will pay your EMT fee on orders over $50 before taxes. If your bank covers all your Interac fees, that's an extra $1.50 in your pocket!


Q. What is your return policy?

A. We offer returns up until 14 days from arrival (based on tracking info from the shipping company). There is a 15% restocking fee and goods must be in salable condition.  Used/worn goods are not returnable.  Goods are sent back to ASCMart at buyer's expense.


Q. What kind of warranty do you offer?

A. We offer DOA protection, after that the manufacturer's warranty (if any) applies.


Q. Can I save on shipping by requesting no insurance?

A. No.  The insurance is required by us because the head ache of trying to trace your goods and dealing with the ill will of the product not arriving is more than what we want to deal with.  Do not cheap out to save a dollar or two on a shipment worth a couple hundred dollars.


Q. Can I donate to ASC when I make my purchase?

A. Absolutely.


Q. How do I contact the manufacturers?

A. See our manufacturers links on the side bar.


Q. Did some one really ask all these questions?

A. No, I made them up.


Q. Do you really employ gnomes?

A. Our contract with the gnomes expressly forbids us from answering this question.


Q. Can I pick up my order at a game?

A. Due to the remote location of the bunker it is not feasible for Lisa or Harley to pick up gear and bring it to a game. Except under pre-announced circumstances, we will not be having game pick up.


Q. Hey how come I'm looking at ASCMart instead of the forum?

A. We're upgrading so rather than have you see the boring "hey we're upgrading message" we thought you'd like to see this instead.  Don't worry the board will be back up soon enough.